Liz Brown

Liz Brown is an independent film producer and theatrical actress in Los Angeles. Originally from Delaware, Liz obtained her Theatre degree from the University of Maryland before heading west. While in DC, Liz met Mutineer Theatre Company when she performed the role of Susan in their second staging of Lie With Me. Since then, she has been seen on and off stage with MTC, working on Ditch, Shaked and Speared:  The Afterplays, The Mill and Gospel of a Teenage Jesus.

Liz is somewhat of a social media and networking junkie, which has lead her to some wonderful places and introduced her to amazing people. In April of 2010, Liz helped develop and establish the lose-form film production company, Innovative Story Makers( It was with this group and their projects that Liz discovered her absolute passion for producing (a total surprise!).

Some of Liz’s 10-year goals are to spend a summer in Kenya, produce a low-budget feature, and serve as the Vice President in charge of Creative Development for New Media at Miramax or Dreamworks Studios… but she’s not picky. In the mean time, she is pursuing independent film production and continuing with the joy of live theatre, which is where her heart always has and always will live.

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